Steel Weed Puller Claw Lawn Weeder Root Remover Killer Grabber Garden Tool

Steel Weed Puller Claw Lawn Weeder Root Remover Killer Grabber Garden Tool

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Features and Benefits Do you hate weeds destroying your beautiful garden Is it difficult to remove weeds on the lawn Are you tired of bending over and hurting your back This excellent weeder is the perfect solution Easy to remove invasive weeds in the garden without knee pain caused by kneeling It can also aerate the soil and form a healthy lawn without damaging your turf It has heavy duty heavy duty stainless steel claws that can grasp the roots of weeds from multiple directions and pull them out of the ground while the foot platform can easily increase the force to penetrate hard soil to the greatest extent Very suitable for anyone with back pain The durable long shaft means no need to digged or bend thereby reducing the pressure on the body and the easy to eject mechanism on the handle releases the weeds that are pulled out into the trash bin without forcing you to bend down and remove it by hand How to Use Place claws with open teeth on top of the weeds to be pulled out Push down with your feet to push your teeth into the ground Pull up the orange handle so that the teeth are close to the root of the weed and then pull the weed out of the ground Push down the orange handle to release the weeds into the trash bin and then put the excess dirt back into the holes that have been made Please Note Do not use this tool if it may interfere with your underground cables Protect your fingers from pinching Keep out of the reach of children and animals For bes

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