Sport Product 1 Piece Adjustable Ankle Support Brace in Red. Size: S,M,L

Sport Product 1 Piece Adjustable Ankle Support Brace in Red. Size: S,M,L


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Protect the ankle and speed up recovery: The adjustable ankle brace support allows you to adjust yourself at any time to make it more comfortable, allowing you to quickly improve the stability of use, improve blood circulation and joint support to speed up recovery, and has Better anti-skid ability can prevent accidental injuries during sports and bid farewell to foot pain and discomfort.<br /> High-quality material: Our is a high-quality achilles tendonitis brace for men and women for sports, made of high-quality nylon, It has strong breathability, elasticity, can perfectly fit any type of ankle, and can maintain the best joint temperature and provide pressure.<br /> Multi-function: Ankle joint support frame can provide support for foot diseases. If you are a sports enthusiast, you need to support ankle support sports, such as tennis, yoga, dance, badminton, golf, basketball, rugby, weightlifting, cycling , Running, fitness and other sports, then this young ankle protector can become better and improve the exercise experience to get better support and reduce injuries during exercise.<br /> Ergonomic design: Our lace up ankle brace design is ergonomic, and both left and right feet can be used well, which can better protect the ankle joints and bring comfortable support. It is suitable for various sports occasions such as yoga, dance, badminton, volleyball, running, fitness, golf and so on.<br /> Best Health Gift: During normal exercise, we will inevitably suffer some long-term injuries, especially wrists, such as arthritis, arthritis, tendinitis or tendinopathy, ganglion cysts, sprains or strains. Have ankle brace for sprained ankle in time to better protect yourself, this is the best gift for sports friends.<br /> Size: S:8*23 CM; M: 9*23CM; L: 10*23CM.<br /> Item #: 530910_1 Package : 1 piece Item Weight : 55.00 gram

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